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Coaching is about empowering people to live a life aligned with meaning and purpose they want for themselves.

Coaching is purposeful dialogue and provocation to action. We work together to enable you to make changes in your life. The essence of my coaching is to work with you in an individual, personalised relationship to help you lead your own life the way you want to. It is ideal if you feel stuck and want to make progress, for if you know you have more to give, but lack confidence to take action, and to support you through major life change. It moves you forward, in the direction you want to go, feeling empowered and energised for a better future.


I believe that coaching provides opportunity for creative thinking and issue resolution, but the real impact is the commitment to action and change by the person being coached. A focus on application and onward activity is a feature of my coaching style.

My coaching is underpinned by these core values - 

  • Championing a fairer, more just society 

  • Empowering the change you want to see 

  • Engaging your positive energy to make a difference 

  • Working together to design creative solutions for your personal growth 

I take a person-centred approach to coaching, and inspired by contemporary thought leaders, use a flexible and eclectic approach bringing a range of techniques to work most effectively with leaders’ preferences and styles.  My aim is to provide the space and opportunity for reflection and insight as well as building resilience.

WHat To Expect


We meet to work out whether we're a good fit and what your goals for coaching are.


The real power of coaching happens outside our session as you take forward your actions and change your responses.


 A longer session to discover your strategic goals and the key topics for our work together so we can create your personalized coaching package.  


A final session to review your achievements and plan long-term actions to help you embed learning and change.


Decide on the topics or issues to address in each session so we can work together to explore perspectives and agree on actions or enquiries for you to take away.


You bring new perspectives and insights to your life, build on new habits and continue to grow.

As Your Coach I Will:

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