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How can I help you?

A few months ago, in March 2021, I realised I could help leaders who have a commitment to social purpose more effectively by sharing resources and developing a wider coaching offer. To make sure that I had a deep understanding of what the concerns are, I put out a survey to gather experiences and suggestions as to how I can best support. It was extremely insightful for me to understand what is on people's minds and the issues they face. The results have informed how I design and deliver my coaching services. I am delighted to share the findings of my survey here along with some details about how I will implement them in my coaching practice.

One of the fascinating insights for me was the emergence of themes shared by participants, and these have influenced the themes reflected in my Coaching Companions as I aim to support people to help themselves to tackle them

To find out more, download your copy of the survey findings here

How Can I Help You Survey Findings
Download PDF • 581KB


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