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Balancing your time and energy- a new Coaching Companion

I hope you are feeling into the change of season - here in the UK it is a gradual transition into autumn, and yet a distinct energy shift for me into a more reflective mood. This Coaching Companion is on the theme of balancing your time and energy, and it feels like a timely theme for me just now. It started out as a guide to achieving work/life balance. Something I have always found a challenge. I like to be busy, and most of the time that has meant busy at work, and then I run out of time and energy for me, and family and friends. I know that’s true for many of you as well. For a long time, my response was to try and create work / life balance, and there is a lot of stuff around claiming to help with that. Gradually though, I have come to realise that such balance is not actually possible – it is completely unachievable, and the quest for it has led to much anxiety and beating ourselves up – the last thing we need! The good news is that if we see our challenge as balancing, not balance, then we are on to something.

Coaching Companion for balanced life
Download PDF • 628KB

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