Coaching Packages

I offer a range of coaching packages to suit your needs. My services include 1-to-1 coaching, themed group workshops, and action learning set facilitation for medium-long-term group work. Book a complimentary consultation with me today to understand how we can work together.

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Action Learning Set Facilitation

I support a group of peer leaders to enable them to positively learn from each other as they work on shared leadership issues. The group will usually meet every 4--6 weeks over a period of six months. My aim is to offer high support and high challenge to support change for set members and the group. Sometimes set members work together in the same organisation, and at other times they come together as individuals with some key themes and issues in common.

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Group Workshops

These will be in series of 4-6 sessions, one a month. The series will cover a wide theme, and each one is also a standalone experience on a specific topic, so people can join on an occasional basis if the issue grabs them. I will lead these live workshops on Zoom. These workshops will be interactive and an opportunity to do individual work whilst being supported by others. Most will have an accompanying workbook. Coaching clients will have free access to these workshops. For others there will be a modest charge, and from this I will make a donation to charity.