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Are you, like me, truly passionate about creating a fairer, more just world?
Are you committed to see this happen to create thriving and inclusive communities?
Work with me to make the difference that only you can make.

As well as my coaching practice I am collaborating with another inspirational coach to offer retreats for women at Chrysalis Retreats. Our vision is to support women to take a pause and reflect at key moments in our lives and clarify what’s important as we move forward. We recognize that women face specific challenges in life and in work that show up in times of transition or uncertainty, and we are here to support women on their personal journey. Our retreats allow spacious time for reflection, to learn from each other and experience the joy of being in nature. We have regular blogs and a newsletter, so please take a look at our website and sign up for these, and consider joining our next retreat.

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About Me

My coaching philosophy centres on empowerment, leadership, and inclusivity. I help clients, including non-profits, individual leaders, public services, and private sector professionals, find purpose and navigate unique challenges.

Find out more about coaching with me in this short video 

LEAD with purpose

I specialise in coaching leaders who have a sense of social purpose, who have passion and vision for their cause. Leaders with commitment to social justice and who want to fully realise the difference they can make in their world.

I draw on the insights of my senior leadership experience as a director in care and justice, and over 9 years of coaching and consultancy across public, private, and voluntary sectors. I enable leaders to be at ease to operate effectively in a challenging environment, maximise impact in their leadership role and / or make a personal transition or career move. They have clarity about their life purpose, clear goals to achieve success, confidence in their own abilities and greater resilience.

Find out about coaching with me here

Over the last nine years I have helped leaders at all levels re-imagine what success looks like for them and worked with them to design how to achieve this. Coaching focused on supporting them towards achieving their full potential and social contribution.


This includes:

  • Working together to connect them to their passion and positive energy

  • Identifying barriers and ways to overcome these with resilience

  • Strengthening self confidence

  • Managing negative self-talk and limiting beliefs

  • Creating healthy life balance at work, home and in personal life

  • Enabling leaders to step into their power and realise their ambitions to make a social contribution

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